Equal Time

Delegatrix and I commute to work together, and we’ve often had discussions about the merits of bumper stickers on vehicles. Neither of us are particularly fond of them, but for differing reasons. I think they are unsightly and are an eyesore on vehicles and Delegatrix just doesn’t want to know that much about perfect strangers. (e.g. favorite sports team, religious preference, taste in music, etc.) Perhaps not the most compelling reasons on earth, but hey, we live in America, we have a right to our opinions, just as you do.

Anyway, in our region, its not unusual to see religious proclamations on bumper stickers (Jesus Saves!) or in the form of icons such as the Jesus Fish, the Darwin Fish and the rather sardonic Jesus Fish eating the Darwin Fish. Today, we were presented with a rather humorous sight. Directly in front of us was a van with the “Jesus Saves” bumper sticker, and in the lane just to the right, keeping up with the Jesus Saves van, was a truck with a bumper sticker on the tailgate that read: UNSAVED. As Delegatrix commented, this was a good reason to have a camera in the car.

How ironic…