Looking forward to Spring

It seems the Vernal Equinox is a mere 4 days away (i.e. March 20th) and I am
oh so happy. The V.E. means that:

  • The Free the Piggies Campaign can really take hold of mine and everyone
    else’s consciousness – time to get a pedicure!
  • Sustained warm weather
    is just around the corner
  • And most importantly, enjoying time at
    my new favorite weekend retreat (see picture below)
The weekend retreat

Just imagine long, lazy afternoons on the large backyard deck-it will be heaven.
Can’t you just picture a nice large icy glass of lemonade or iced tea, a good
book and sun dappling between the leafy bower above? Ahhh – I can!

Hurry up Spring, and get here– it’s been far too long! Oh, and Mr. Winter,
you can just skip on by tomorrow, you’re yesterday’s news and we really don’t
like you (if anyone ever really did) anymore.