Pass the ketchup?

Yeah, once you read what this is about, you’ll definitely say I was being flippant, but I can’t help myself. To those with weak stomachs, I can only say, move along, there’s nothing here for you. You have been warned.

I read with horror a tale about a German “cannibal” who reportedly ate his victim, not because of a “desire to kill but by his victim’s wish to be eaten.”

I’m old enough to know there are more strange things between heaven and earth, and my predilection for horror genre not withstanding, I shouldn’t be so shocked or surprised. But I am, and more so at people’s desire to end their lives. What created and allowed to flourish, the two very twisted minds such as the cannibal and his victim. How does one, let alone two people come together for something like this?

The cannibal and his victim’s story is being played out in German courts as I write, not for the first time, but a second go round, because the German courts ruled the cannibal’s original sentence was too lenient.

Worse still is the fact that there has been a movie made about this. What as a global society are we coming to? I can’t decide what bothers me more – the cannibal or his victim.