Go Bills!

 buffalo billsbaltimore ravensThis weekend is the big football game between my former hometown team, the Buffalo Bills and my new hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens. It is the only game this year that I will root against the Ravens – out of loyalty to my origins, and the fact that 33 Buffalonians are descending on the area, some of whom are tied to me via blood. And you know what they say is thicker than water- your football team loyalty. So for this weekend, I forego the purple and gold of the Ravens for the blue and red of the Bills.

The only real festivities outside of the actual game itself is a happy hour tonight at City Limits Sports Bar in Baltimore that I am kind of hosting – before I dash off to work the front gate at, you guessed it – GoatMan Hollow. So if you’re in the area of downtown Baltimore between 5 – 7 pm stop by City Limits, have a beer and say hi. (See bar web site for address – www.clsb.com) and meet some of the folks I am related to. Really, they’re nice folks.

For the more adventurous, come by GoatMan Hollow – directions on web site. I’ll be there from about 7:30 pm ’til closing.