It’s something, but not quite blonde

Yesterday was what I call an “Overhaul Day” and since I am a mere a week away
from 40 – you can probably understand why it happened. For those not in the
know, an “Overhaul Day” is when I go to the professionals who do things to me
that sometimes feel ucky, but make me look wonderful, and other times, the things
they do they feel pretty darn wonderful and make me look even more wonderful.
Yesterday was a three shot overhaul.

First, I visited my orthodontist to pick
up new sets of aligners (ongoing overhaul, estimated time to completion – July
2005) which since mid-August have been virtually pain free. So while it once
was in the ucky feeling => working on looking wonderful category, it has since
moved to the feels not too bad =>working on looking wonderful category.

blonde or brown, you decide Second stop was to Cortney – originally, I was only going to get my haircut.
But, I had some time to kill between overhaul numbers 2 and 3, and so did she.   So I indulged in a little color, too.

ME: “Let’s make the base a little darker- not a lot, but give it some depth.
Seems alittle too one color.”

HER: “Yeah, you’re looking a little washed out. Do you want to go towards
red or dark blonde?”

ME: “Dark golden blonde, but not too dark. I still want a lot of lighter
golden blonde highlights. Oh, and I want to keep my hair long, so don’t get
scissor happy…”

HER: “Okay.” And off she went to mix up my new colors and I went to change
into a smock. An hour an half later, I was shampooed and looked up from the
strands in my eyes to see darkness – brown darkness. But it might have just
been the lighting. We didn’t bother to dry my hair since overhaul #3 would have
messed that up.

So I was off to Overhaul #3- not quite convinced about the color of my hair,
but confident in Cortney’s ability to make me look good. Last stop was to
see my facialist, Mary Jo. I always walk out of there glowing and smooth and
slathered in essential healing seaweed lipids. Afterwards, I went home, and
basked in my newfound wonderful skin, and cringed at the half straight, half
frizz-curly not blonde hair on my head. Granted, the styling left a lot to be
desired, and I fretted over it all night, as only someone as vain as me can

This morning I dried my hair straight. It still looks like brown hair with
not enough highlights in it. Sometime soon I am going to have to remedy the
less than enough highlight problem – ( I already have kit at home- hooray!)
but its probably not going to be this week.

I’ll leave it to you – what color is my hair? First
“in person” query was disheartening – Karen says “brown.”

I say: “Fooey!”

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