Small Gestures

This week, its small gestures that wants my attention. When something reaches a critical mass of influence I find that I must take notice and acknowledge its existance – else, the thing really starts snowballing and I am run over by its sheer force of will to be noticed.

Small gestures have been appearing in my life in many ways, from hidden smileys left in a book I am reading to winks, from friendly “hey there” emails to unexpected kind words from friends and finally smiles to/from perfect strangers. Small gestures are all around us, everyday. Some days, we are so wrapped up in our own little world, we can fail to notice the small gestures that would so easily take a day from ho-hum to good, and from good to great. We really should make an effort to notice and replenish the world’s supply of small gestures.

I think this all started earlier this week, when the small gestures idea was brought to my attention in a conversation with a friend. We talked about how a positive attitude expressed in an email, or conversation or our actions can spread outward to affect more than just the immediate receiver. It was the dawning of another realization – we are all connected, and our actions reverberate much father than we ever realize. It’s a powerful notion; to think that the smile you give to a perfect stranger can make itself known in ripple effects across the world.

So, here’s my small gesture right now, I’ve got a smile on my face and I’m winking at you. Have a great day. 🙂