It’s my anniversary and I’ll reflect if I want to…

I always wrestle with whether or not I should celebrate today, as it’s a bit weird for me.

August 5 is significant in two ways.

The first anniversary that I celebrate is August 5, 1950 when Ed H. married Flo N. in a catholic ceremony, and celebrated with family and friends at the local firehall.

It was the official birth of my immediate family and a marriage that is the stuff of dreams.

Somehow, I picked the right set of parents to be born to that would allow me to witness what real love means.

Even though both Ed and Flo are no longer here, today marks their 54th wedding anniversary.

So, happy anniversary mom and dad!

My other anniversary is a bit trickier, and what causes me the most consternation in the debate of whether or not to celebrate it.

Because it too is an anniversary of a marriage, but the end of one, not the hopeful start.

Today is the anniversary of my divorce.

Each year as it rolls around, I stop and reflect on what it means to me.

Divorce is rarely easy – unless of course you’re Britney Spears, and mine was no exception.

What I celebrate on this day is my emancipation from a relationship that was literally and figuratively sapping all the life from me.

But along with that happiness of emancipation is looking back to remember what I left behind, and most of that was me.

A me I’ll never be able to reclaim.

I wish I could say that I felt the time was well spent, but I cannot.

I can only say that in order to get where I am today (and thatis happy) I had to go through my marriage to get here.

It is an annual milestone of sorts, that makes me stop and see just how far I’ve gone in the previous year — and reminds me of how far I still have to go.

So I guess its happy anniversary to me too.

I think I like mom and dad’s anniversary just a bit better, though.

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