Glad I don’t live there anymore

A friend sent me an *lovely* article titled “Body of missing Sara Lee executive found frozen” and it recounted a deadly story that involves a couple from my old stomping grounds of Sevierville, TN and is cautionary tale of the dangers of inbreeding that is still fairly rampant there.

Initially, it seems the Sevierville couple planned to purchase a SUV from the Sara Lee exec, but then decided to carjack him instead and in the process, suffocated the guy.   For some strange reason, they took him to their rural home in the Smokey Mountains (trust me – all homes are RURAL in the Smokey Mountains), and then stuffed him into a “deep freeze.”    The couple could not say why they stuffed him in the deep freeze – only that they did.   That says volumes about the mental frame of mind for the people of this area – they don’t know why they do things – its all instinctual.   And people wonder why I left there…

Anyway, I just had to read the article, to see if I perhaps knew anyone involved (i.e. my former spouse comes to mind) but was greatly relieved to find that the names of those involved were unfamiliar to me.   So that will teach everyone to stay out of Sevier County/Sevierville, TN – nothing good ever comes out of there – not even Dollywood.