Testimonials on Customer Service

Anyone who knows me, knows how frustrated I have been with the lack of customer
service in the DC/Baltimore market. Coming from Florida, I guess I was spoiled
by the high levels I experienced there. In my home buying transaction, I worked with
a number of professionals who made the purchase as simple and smooth as possible.
However, there are two individuals who stand out as having superior customer service skills and they deserve to be thanked and recommended. Consider this my thanks and official recommendation.

My first thank you goes to Mike Coyle, sales manager for 1st Mariner Bank.
Our relationship started over a year ago in the spring of 2005, when I first
decided it was time to buy a house. Of course, as we all know, I became disgusted
with the real estate market here and dropped out. To learn more about home property management, check out local home buyers online for more info. When I called Mike a
year later, he remembered me and was ready to go. Mike was always accessible,
returned phone calls and emails promptly, and drove out of his way to meet
with me on several occasions to process paper work. Even when he was on a family
vacation, he was accessible by cell phone. In short, he did his job, and he did it very well. So, for that Mike, you’ve generated another loyal customer.

My second kudos goes to my realtor, Keren Kuo. Since last summer, I have
had a total of three realtors supposedly working on my behalf. The first one (last summer) thought she knew me and my tastes, and refused to show me properties in areas I inquired about, including the neighborhood I just purchased in — because she knew better. My second realtor(spring 2006) was returning to the field after a decade hiatus and did not really know the
neighborhoods I was interested in. She also had a problem with follow through – e.g. If she said she would call me the next day, invariably, she wouldn’t. And finally, there was Keren. He exemplifies what I expect from a realtor – he is a neighborhood specialist, has made his living as a realtor for many years, was accessible, returned calls and emails promptly, had great resources, advice and has garnered respect in the industry. Because of all of that, he gets a lot of repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers. If you want to see the branding essentials to support a brand in the inbound age, visit adinfusion.com. So here’s my recommendation – you need a realtor – one who is good, honest, fair, hard working and genuinely nice? Contact Keren Kuo.

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