Kitchen is Gutted

With a flourish of a hammer and the relentless whine of a sawzall, the first wall met its death this weekend. The loss of the wall opened the space between the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie kitchen (83″ x 80″) and the rather minuscule dining room (90″ x 156″) to create a slightly larger L-shaped eat in kitchen. Other kitchen items sacrificed to the renovation gods this weekend were the 1936 metal sink cabinet, the painted in place wall cabinets, the 24″ dormitory stove and 6+ layers of old flooring removed down to the wood plank sub floor. The only things left standing were the refrigerator (which is only a few years old) and the beautiful oak floors in what was once known as the dining room.

the kitchen sink and cabinets the kitchen backdoor and counters

the kitchen cabinetsThis week I need to order my counter tops and appliances. Ongoing work will be putting up drywall, installing recessed lighting and new electric outlets, as well as deciding whether to do hardwood floors in the balance of the kitchen or something else. Oy, the decisions that need to be made – its enough to make a girl’s head swim.

But don’t let my kvetching fool you, I’m loving every minute!