The FRINGE is coming, the FRINGE IS COMING!

OMG! Its been ages since I was this excited about an event I have nothing to do with… but here I am, eagerly awaiting July 20 -30 in DC…

What is it and why am I so excited? Well, its the inaugural Captial Fringe Festival – which is ten full days of theatrical and performing arts in traditional and non-traditional theater spaces. A non-juried show, where artists are admitted to the program on a first come first serve basis… See my blog piece that I wrote for the Orlando Fringe Festival back in 1993, when little old moi was a producer for this spectacle of life, theater, fun and the pursuit of happiness in O-town.

If ya really wanna know what it is, go visit the Capital Fringe Web site. And then make sure you reserve time during July 20 – 30 for some really cool shows at the FRINGE!