Meet the new “Baby”

When I moved to Laurel last summer, it was with great regret that I left behind my glorious Weber gas grill. No more grilled steaks, chicken, pork chops, baby back ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled zucchini… Sigh…What would I eat everyday? You see, since 1999, when I purchased my first Weber grill for my ex-husband’s birthday (and subsequently left that behind when I left him…) I became a grilling fool, and a really proficient one, to boot.

When I moved to Maryland in 2001, it was a necessity that I get another Weber gas grill. My longing for all things grilled was sated with an upgraded model of the previous one, and for two years, I was happy.

The happiness would be short lived, as last summer I discovered my new abode could not contain the marvelous ness that is simply known as Weber. So, since September, I struggled to find ways to feed myself without aid of Weber. (I am one of the dedicated souls that will grill in the snow — all weather, really) In an attempt to recapture the spirit of indoor grilling, I bought a George Foreman Grill, and used it a whopping 2 times. It smugly sits atop my refrigerator, sure in its knowledge that it does not have to work any longer in this household. Nothing against old George’s product, but, if you’ve had the real McCoy, an electric imitator just won’t cut it, no matter how pretty its packaged.

Imagine my delight, while in Richmond last weekend, in one of those old fangled Hardware stores (Pleasants Hardware Store), where customer service is KING (halleluiah!) a

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