Chicken Magnate Dies at 84, News at 11

I always wondered what happened to good old Frank Perdue, that funny curmudgeon who hawked his chickens as being better than most. I remember when his son, Jim, took over as the face and day to day management of the Perdue company in the early 90’s. Its taken Jim and his ad team many years to finally figure out how to be almost as funny as his father in his tv commercials, but it seems they’re succeeding. But I digress, Jim’s dad, Frank, has finally gone to that great chicken plucker in the sky after a brief illness, reports the Washington Post.

I am a Perdue Loyalist

I have been a loyal Perdue fan since, oh, 1997 when I really started to cook on a consistent basis, and found the Perdue brand to have done a lot of clean up work that many store brands just don’t care about. We’re talking about removing the ucky light yellow fat deposits from the sides of the chicken breast before my hot little hands ever have the chance to touch the slimy suckers. Yeah, I know, real appetizing, but thats exactly my point, Perdue does that for you, so you don’t get grossed out.

I never got to say thanks to Frank Perdue for entertaining me, for providing a superior chicken product all these years, and for doing the dirty work. So, thanks Frank and Jim. You make cooking chicken just a little easier and less gross.