Halloween Approaches!

As always, when it’s Tricks or Treating season, I am excited. So far this
season my Halloween activities have been or will be:

  • Attended 2 haunted attractions –Eastern
    State Penitentiary
    in Philadelphia and Bates
    in Gradyville, PA (October 1)
  • Watching a bunch of horror flicks – most recently Tim Burton’s
    Sleepy Hollow
    (by far one of my favorites)
  • The good doctor and I are going to Psychic Ghost Theater on the 22nd, the rest of GMH will go the night before.
  • Attending a dress up Halloween Party at Wright Manor on the 29th
  • Yard haunt on H-Day
  • Missing GoatMan Hollow while it is on hiatus as we build a new, bigger,
    scarier haunt for 2006.

I’m pretty excited about attending a real live Halloween party and it’s the
first time since at least 1997 that I have dressed up. My last costume (1997) was a twist on Edgar Allan Poe’s Mask
of the Red Death
– instead of dressing as the ghoulish male Red Death, I
festooned myself as the ghoulishly glamorous Madame Red Death. Most people
did not understand who/what I was, but I mark that down to the crowd I was running
with at the time.

There was some thought to manifesting myself as a Scorpio, but I was never
very satisfied with what I found online for pre-made scorpion legs (or spider
legs for that matter). My costume is a symbolic translation of who I am,
especially in regard to GoatMan Hollow. Although, the costume is available
in some very cheesy interpretations online, I was able to develop a costume
more fitting to my tastes. The last piece of the costume is a gorgeous leather
mask by renowned mask maker, Vincent Ur.
I wasn’t sure if there was enough time enough to get what I wanted, but I
received word that I want is available and will be the piece de resistance
of the entire costume.

It’s time to get into the spirit of the season – what Halloween activities are you going to do? Going Trick or Treating? Dressing up if so, as what? Carving Pumpkins? Going on a hayride – haunted or otherwise? Bobbing for apples? No matter what, be sure to enjoy the festivities all month long!

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