Annual “Free the Piggies Campaign” begins in earnest

Growing up in Florida, I was accustomed to not wearing socks, tights or pantyhose, except when the temperature dipped below 59 degrees. Which as you can guess, in Florida, was not a regular occurance.
You can imagine my discomfort the first few years I lived north of the Florida state line, over having to first purchase, and then apply(wear) daily for a minimum of 6 months: socks, knee-highs and tights. Egads- what a cruel way to live – my piggies are suffocating!
So it has been with great glee these last few days that the weather has warmed up enough that I felt compelled to begin my annual “Free the Piggies Campaign“. It began yesterday, when I wore a lovely dark denim wrap skirt and went sans socks, knee-highs or panty-hose underneath. Today is day 2 and I am still sans foot warming appliances, despite the change in temperatures. Can I make it through ’til Friday (Tomorrow?) Tune in to see the tally of days that the Free the Piggies Campaign has generated.
*** Historical Note: Don Johnson (or his costume designer) was not setting a new fashion trend when he went sockless in his Italian loafers on Miami Vice. They were simply flaunting the fabulous fact to the rest of the free world that most of us Floridians went sockless virtually all year.