Meet the Grrrr Girls

\"leelooMeet LeeLoo and Lexi, our newest family members, now known as \”The Grrrr Girls.\” They\’re both Beagles with uncertain parentage. Leeloo (on the right) is the eldest by 3.5 months and is probably a full Beagle. Lexi (on the left) is a Beagle mix, the other half? We\’re not sure, perhaps genetic testing may occur some time in the future. For now, we\’re just so happy to have both our girls.

Watch Leeloo\’s First Night

Leeloo now has a buddy to rounce, pounce and play with and Lexi is teaching Leeloo the fine art of dog piling. Stay tuned for the new adventures of the Grrrr Girls.
Watch Lexi and Leeloo getting to know one another that first day:

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The Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Girls

Meet our new family member!

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The Grrr Girls