What’s a Lemon Bobble?

Lexi Bobbles - What's a lemon bobble?

Oh, hai, I’m Lexi Bobbles

HI, I’m Lexi and I’m a Lemon Bobble.

What’s a Lemon Bobble?

Mom wanted me to tell you about how I do some really fun and cool things around the house. But before we get to that I should introduce myself, even though, I think I’m already pretty famous. My sissy-sis Leeloo and I are known as the Grrr Girls. Yep, the very same Grrr Girls who have their own category in the top navigation bar of this blog of mom’s.

Everybody knows Beagles like to eat – A LOT. After EVERY meal, Leeloo comes sniffing around my bowl, looking for leftovers. I never leave her any food, but she’s kinda dumb and never realizes that. Dad says she’s simple. Ha ha.

I, however, am a new, never known before breed, called a Lemon Bobble. I’m half Beagle, half something else. You could say I’m a designer dog, as there are only 5 others of us in the whole wide world. Unlike Leeloo, I’m NOT simple – I am so smart – S-M-R-T. (That’s how dad spells it, so it must be right.) My favorite phrase is: Wanna go for a walkie walk?


I MUST be pretty special cos I also have the power of INVISIBILITY. I’ll let that sink in.

I'm invisible, you can't see me, right?

I’m invisible, you can’t see me, right? Its a shame, cos I’m so cute.

Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes, when I really really try hard, I can walk right in front of mom and dad, and steal food from their plates and they NEVER see me. Well, almost never –mom has some new invisibility detection glasses –she calls them her reading glasses, but I think she can sometimes see me.

I Deserve the BEST things in Life

I’m also very pretty, and I know it. Everyone tells me so — CONSTANTLY. Mom says Leeloo is a pretty Beagle, but that I am a pretty dog. So there you have it: I’m pretty, I’m special, I’m smart and I’m a Lemon Bobble.

I'm special, and you know it.

I’m special, and you know it.

And for all those reasons, I deserve to get whatever I want.

Dad knows this is true, and is usually pretty good with forking over the goodies on demand and providing constant ear scratches.

Lexi bobbles is top dog

I am top dog

And I do require constant ear and head scratches. Mom says I’m a diva and doesn’t give into my demands nearly enough. I’m gonna have to work on that.

Leeloo just came into the office and told me she was going to go snuggle with dad now that he’s sat down on the sofa. I don’t want her to get all the good snuggles, so I’m gonna sit on dad’s lap so she doesn’t get any. And if I play my card right (and I ALWAYS do) it looks like the time is ripe for an ear scratch. Next time mom lets me guest post for her blog, I’ll tell you about the time I ate the French Burnt Peanuts.