abby – 7, milkbones – 0

Tonight I walked in the door at 7 pm. Abby’s ready and rarin’ to go — she couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go outside first or eat. Not wanting to go out later, I drag her out then.

That accomplished, its time to bound up the stairs to go do her favorite thing in the whole wide world– E-A-T. Back inside, I get her food, and on command she lays down, (its the ONLY time she ever obeys me) all the while she’s slobbering wildly in anticipation, and I get her to do this “tremors” thingy that is probably more like torture to her, but heck, I takes my fun where I finds it. In less than the time it takes me to walk out of the kitchen, she has scarfed her dinner and is looking for more. Not so unusual for Abby, right? Right.

So I go to change out of my work clothes, and while I’m only 20 feet away, I hear this sound, that can only be described as the pantry door being nudged open by a beagle nose, and the MilkBone box being dragged off the shelf. Then the sound of a little beagle eatting Milk Bones as fast as she can, because she knows I can hear her and she has very limited gobble time left. You should have seen the “Who me, what was I doing?” look on her face when I came back into the kitchen and caught her red “pawed” in the Milkbones box… Yeah, right… Guilty- Schmilty

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