The House Beagle

Ahrrrroo000000ooh, I am Leeloo the Beagle!

I’m the other half of the Grrr Girls.  You met my sissy-sis Lexi (a.k.a the Lemon Bobble) last week.  She’s the pretty and popular one.   Everyone loves Lexi, including me.  She likes getting all the attention, good or bad and that’s O.K.

I am Beagle  and I graduamatated from puppy school!

I graduamatatedgraduated from puppy school!

I was named after the title character in the movie, The Fifth Element.

My full name was Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat, but you can just call me Leeloo for short.

Mom and dad only ever call me by full name when I’ve been REALLY BAD. That’s only happened once or twice in 6 years.

I am the good Beagle (I graduated from PetSmart’s Puppy School) — Lexi did NOT, and SHE’s in BIG trouble ALL THE TIME…cos I hear them call for ‘Lexi Bobbles’ a whole bunch.

Who I am, what makes me tick

I like to talk – A LOT. I talk about any old thing that comes to mind…

And I’m ALWAYS HUNGRY, but I’m a Beagle and that’s normal.

I’m hungry now – could you PLEASE FEED ME?

Even just a little Snacky-snack?

Please, please, pleeeeeaze? I’m making cute, pleading Beagle eyes at you. You cannot resist.

That always works on dad. Would that work on you?

Baby Beagle Leeloo, from the B.R.E.W. website

My baby picture from the B.R.E.W. website

I was adopted when I was little baby Beaglette from the nice rescue folks at B.R.E.W. Beagles who found me at a shelter in Virginia – I was abandoned there when I was just 5 weeks old.

My foster mom nicknamed me “Meanie”, because I liked to play fight with my foster sisters and brothers and I growled ferociously when I played. I think that’s where the GRRR Girl name came from, but don’t tell Lexi, she thinks it happened when she joined the family.

Mom says she took one look at my face on the rescue website and knew that I was a character, or had character – something like that. She says she knew I was her new baby Beagle even before we met.

I'm a ferocious beagle and I have a big head - GRRRRRRR

I’m ferocious and I have a big head – GRRRRRRR

As a puppy, my head was bigger than the rest of my body, so I looked like I would tip over. Mom thought I was cute, big head, little body and all.

Bitey Beagle Leeloo likes to chew

I like to chew….

Since the day they brought me home, life has been really good. I had a warm bed, plenty of food so I would grow big and strong, and a mom and dad who thought I hung the moon. I was lonely though, until one day a few months later, we took a trip to Alexandria VA.

Me & Lexi, Together FUR-EVER, baby beagle and lemon bobble

Me & Lexi, Together FUR-EVER

That’s when Lexi joined the family; at first she was so small, (a pipsqueak, dad called her).  I couldn’t believe it when they told me this was my new sister.

I was SOOOO HAPPY – they got me my very own puppy!

I loved rouncing, and pouncing with her – playing tug ‘o war, blanket monster and other puppy games.   Since then, we’re inseparable.

This is what it looks like when Lexi is away, I wait at the front door for her return. I'm a lonely beagle.

This is what it looks like when Lexi is away, I wait and I wait and I wait for her return.

The few times we’ve been a part, it’s been horrible – we both were miserable and cried.   Mom and dad make sure that doesn’t happen too often.

Lexi grew really fast, and within the first month she was bigger than me.  It was about that time she started thinking she was the boss of me.  I let her think that most of the time; I don’t need to be in charge to get my way.

Lexi thinks she's the top dog, I'm the beagle on the bottom.

Lexi thinks she’s the top dog

My Place in the World

Most days, I like to watch the world from the living room window.

I pretty much know EVERYTHING that’s happening on our street.

And I like to comment on it, CONSTANTLY. Dad says I’m his early warning system.

Which pretty much makes me the the neighborhood busy body — if I start barking and howling, soon my fellow neighborhood canines spread the news far and wide.

I'm a talker, I'm the gossipy beagle

I’m a talker

The mailman is another target of my barking.  I don’t know why I don’t like him, maybe its instinct…

Mom says her favorite things about me are my zoomies.  Do you know what zoomies are?  No?

Its when I get soooo excited that I can’t control myself and I start zipping and zooming all through the house, back and forth, back and forth.

This usually happens when mom and dad come home from where ever they go each day.

Lexi says they have jobs to pay for our food, snacky-snacks and toys.

I don’t know what a job is, though and I really wish they would stay home with us, or take us with them.

Dad, Me & Lexi - my pack.  Beagle, human, lemon bobble

Life is the best when my whole pack is together