An Indiscriminate Diet

Hi, Its Lexi here

We met a few weeks ago, earlier this week, you met my sissy-sis, Leeloo.

Coffee Maker, sink, dishwasher - Is this an indiscriminate eater?

Coffee Maker, sink, dishwasher

Mom sez she’s still working on the accessory tease from last week, and has nothing to show just yet. I think that’s why she wanted me to guest post today. Mom’s a slacker. ha ha

I read Leeloo’s post, and while its true, she IS always hungry, I like to eat lots and lots of things.

Unlike Leeloo, I LOVE almost ALL human food, even though mom says I shouldn’t have any…

Dad’s good about sneaking some to us almost every day. He calls us his dish pre-rinse.

I like blueberries and bananas and STEAK and green beans and scrambled eggs


AND pancakes and french fries (McDonald’s are my favorite) and Carr’s Water Crackers and tuna fish

All this talk about food is making me hungry. You don’t have a snacky snack on you, do you?

My Vet says I’m an indiscriminate eater

But I really, really like the stuff I’m not supposed to have

Brach's French Burnt Peanuts - don't they look yummy? An indiscriminate eater (me!) ate these recently

Brach’s French Burnt Peanuts – don’t they look yummy?

That means I eat things that are really BAD for me – like paper towels, plastic bags and the occasional dog poop…

Yes, I’m one of THOSE dogs… but truth be told… Leeloo likes to eat cat poop. Eats it right out of the pooh pooh puff factory at grandma’s.

But I LOVE dad’s snacks, like the French Burnt Peanuts he brings home from time to time.

Unfortunately, the stuff that’s BAD for me (like poop and peanuts) doesn’t want to stay in my tummy for very long.

Cos it makes me feel kinda oogie, and I have to stop feeling oogie, so I barf the bad stuff up, usually on the carpet somewhere.

A dog shamed Lexi Bobble - this is what I get for being an indiscriminate eater

I ate dad’s peanuts, this is what they did to me – public shaming

A few weeks ago, I barfed the peanuts all over the wall to wall WHITE carpet upstairs.

Mom and dad both got pretty excited about it.

I don’t know why, I mean, they don’t want me to keep feeling oogie, do they?

They spent a long time cleaning it up. They even Dog Shamed me on Facebook.

Afterward, Leeloo said she heard them say something about replacing all of the carpeting because the pink barf stain would not come out.

I think that’s just an excuse for mom to do more decorating.