Abby turned 9

This past Friday, (Feb 6) I celebrated my best pal’s 9th year upon this earth. She was born on the coldest night of the year in Oviedo, FL where the temperatures were in the 30’s. Who knew back then how profoundly she would affect my life?In her short time here, she has seen and experienced many things, not
the least of which are the ups and downs of my life. I can’t say that
I wouldn’t have gotten through them without her, but, I do know that the
highs would not have been nearly so high, and the lows would have been
so much lower, if she had not been a part of my life. Each year she grows
to be a better dog, companion and friend. Hopefully, each year, I grow
to be more worthy of her unconditional love. I pray she has another 9
happy and comfortable years.

Anyway, the annual “pig-out” birthday tradition that was started back in Tennessee, continued this year, as the food bin was set on the living room floor. “Pigger La Rue” was given free access to as much food as she cared to consume. So with eyes much bigger than her stomach (but not by much) and filled with glee, she shoved me aside, to get to the food bin.  This year, she ate a slow and steady pace for about 10 minutes, pausing to dip her head into the bin, grab some food, and then spit it out on the floor, only to eat that at her leisure.