Schadenfreude: delight in another person’s misfortune

Sunday, I took Lexi and Leeloo for a walk through the neighborhood, and usually they meet up with all sorts of dogs. One in particular, a Shiba Inu, is always behind a wrought iron fence. Normally she and Lexi sniff each other’s face, Lexi whimpers her sadness at not being able to play with the other dog and we move on. This time Shiba Inu sticks her face through the fence, and time bites Lexi on the nose. There was much growling by the Shiba Inu, and then yelping and crying by Lexi. Thankfully, I was able to pull Lexi away from the dog, but she sustained bite damage that bled a little, but quit about a block later. Turns out Lexi’s a pretty stoic little pup.

I’m happy to report that Lexi’s fine, the vet gave her antibiotics and pain killers, I was very lucky to find a vet near me. So what’s so schadenfreude here? Not the whole biting incident, rather the text messages TF sent me on the way back from the vet, while I was in a meeting at Commerce. They are as follows:

TF: Went to the vet. On my way home with pups. Not happy outcome for Lexi. Lots of meds and $240 vet bill.

Me: Aww, poor puppy, is she going to be ok?

Schadenfreude #1

TF: Yes, she’ll be fine…. OMFG! Bobbles* puked in the front seat…and of course up came a giant gushy turd all in the upholstery and the carpet. =[

Ok, so I’m in this meeting, and its all I can do to contain myself. I have to put a hand over my mouth not to laugh out loud. * Bobbles is one of our nicknames for Lexi.
Then, a little while later: Schadenfreude #2

TF: I’ve been cleaning the truck for the last half hour and almost puked from the revolting stench! Bobbles is fine, quietly resting in her crate.

Me: OMG! I am so sorry

Restraining myself was not easy and then along comes Schadenfreude #3

TF: Cha, me, too. I’ve been waiting here at home for the truck to air out. Its too disgusting to sit in, even after I cleaned it all up. Gotta get some food now, even though my stomach is still a bit queasy…

He still wants to eat? Oy!