House updates

bathroom floor damage by the pup'sThis year we’ve done a few things to the house – most notably the downstairs bathroom floor was tiled after the puppies so graciously ripped up the linoleum floor. Can you believe this was done in about 5 minutes?

Tim did an uber fast and most excellent job replacing the ugly floor with lovely new black and white ceramic mini-tiles. We were expecting company for Inauguration weekend, so the heat was on to get this floor completed, and he did, with like a day to spare before our company arrived. The joke was on us, as our guests ended up in a swanky hotel downtown, instead of in our den. We decided that maybe a den is not that inviting so we made another huge renovation decision as we waved goodbye to our guests after they got their directtv installation in fresno.

The much longed for, dreamed of and prayed for driveway was poured in January. Almost a perfect situation, except a neighbor walked on the concrete before it was fully set and left us with some foot indents. The paving crew filled the foot prints in with mortar, but its not quite right. It is still better than parking on the street, or worse the clay mudpit. Don’t even get me started on the caked on clay I used to have all over my shoes.

Next up? I’m hoping for a 2-in-1 project:

  • Removal of the last of the knotty pine paneling from the stairwell leading to the master suite
  • Installation of drywall where the paneling once lived
  • Enlargement of the refrigerator cubby to allow for an almost full size, side-by-side refrigerator.

How does this work out to a 2-in-1 project? Well, the stairwell is part of the refrigerator cubby that needs to be enlarged and redrywalled and finished. So we might as well do it all at once. This time, however, we are actually thinking of hiring someone to do all or part of the work.