Yawn, sorry ’bout that…

TF and I have been sleep deprived these last few weeks because the puppies have taken to sleeping with us. Besides the whole problem with dominance this brings up, the girls have developed some mighty bad habits for ones so young.

First of all, they’re bed hogs. We have a king sized bed; together, they don’t weight more than your average five year old. And yet, TF and I seem to be pushed to share what amounts to less than the space of a twin bed.

One of my favorites is the “There’s someone out there, lurking” wake up call that occurs between 1:30 and 5:00 am. The girls begin barking and making a general ruckus until the entire household is wide awake. According to Leeloo and Lexi, we had a lurker four times last week.

Shortly after I’ve fallen asleep, Lexi moves to her favorite position: on top of my legs. Ever had a 30 lb. dog lay on your legs? Heavy, can’t move? Uh huh. Then, at first light, Lexi migrates to sit on TF’s pillow, alternately starring out the window, and pawing him. Leeloo on the other hand is a burrower/snuggler/snorer, which comes with its own set of complications.

We’ve begun kicking them out of our bed and making them sleep in their own beds, on the floor next to us. Stay tuned for the trials I’m sure we’ll experience in getting them out of our beds and attemptng to get a full night’s sleep.

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