Beaglette goes to work

abby on her bed of blankets at Tim's office.  April 9, 2008Abby’s latest adventure is going to work as a junior, junior, junior engineer on Tim’s design team. OK, so she’s really not a junior engineer, however, she does go to work with him several days a week. This is especially wonderful because:

  • Tim’s office is VERY dog friendly
  • It keeps her engaged and among people
  • Allows her to eat at several different intervals during the day instead of once or twice a day
  • Gives her time with her best buddy (Tim)
  • She and Tim also get a bit of exercise as they walk Goose Poop Lake (their name, not the real one) at least once a day.
  • Lastly, it makes me feel better, because I know she’s not alone — someone is watching out for her.

So far she’s relearned that she loved tomatoes and today, she’s discovered an interest in Tuna Salad.