The Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Girls

LeeLoo and Tim

We told you about the 4th Element: Leeloo, who by all rights of her name and her perceived status as a ‘divine being’ should be known as the 5th element. However, based upon when she joined the family tree, she’s still the 4th element, with our beloved Abby being the 2nd element, and Tim being the 3rd element. (See photo of Tim and Leeloo right.) Leeloo has turned out to be all we could hope for – she is a feisty, fun loving little girl who steals our hearts more and more every day.

Lately we’ve noticed she really enjoys playing with other pups, and when she does she’s pretty much exhausted for the rest of the day. This contrasts with all the spare energy she has after two long walks a day with us and much play time. To give the squirt, who’s doubled in size since she joined the family, a playmate and companion, we began our search for another pup. Our search took us all over the internet – breeder sites as far away as Texas and Canada, and visits to meet rescue pups in Virginia, Maryland and Philadelphia suburbs. Finally, we are proud to announce that we have our 5th and final (for the next 12 -15 years) element.


Here's Lexi!

DRUM ROLL, please!

Meet Lexi! Our newest little beaglette comes to us by way of a rescue (Homeward Trails) found at a high kill shelter in rural West Virginia. Lexi was one of six siblings (4 girls, 2 boys) that are half beagle and half something else.

When we met up with the rescue yesterday morning at 9 am — yep- 9 am on a Sunday morning, the poor babies had pooped all over each other during the 3 hour trip from WVA to Arlington. Tim valiantly gave little Lexi her first (of many to come) sink baths to rid her of most of the puppy poop. It was during this trying time Tim and I discovered the sweetest, loving eyes in the little beaglette. She took to us right away, giving us kisses and snuggling in when ever possible. Leeloo was pretty excited at having her very own playmate and companion, and their first day together was spent grrr’ing and playing.

More news and photos on their escapades as it occurs.