Day 2 and counting

Our first full day passed with lots of goings on. We learned:

  • Its tough for Leeloo to adjust to losing her only child status
  • Lexi is an absolute doll with us, but can give as good as she gets from Leeloo
  • Leeloo gets an amused expression on her little furry face when Lexi gets corrected with the water bottle. Imagine, Leeloo cast as the ‘good dog.’
  • Lexi can sleep the whole night through without wetting her crate
  • Lexi’s got some parasites and worms, and now so does Leeloo, but they’re both being treated and will be fine shortly.
  • Lexi is so blase about having her nails trimmed or her ears cleaned, Leeloo needs to be restrained and dominated just so you can look inside her ears to see if they’re dirty.
  • Leeloo has not learned completely how to share stuff with Lexi yet.
    • Leeloo forbade Lexi from eating out of any of the food bowls, and Lexi has been abiding by that rule
    • Leeloo is a toy hog. If Lexi starts playing with a toy, Leeloo automatically tries to take it away from her
  • Leeloo’s fur is very beagle like – straight, a little coarse, Lexi’s fur feels like a stuffed plush toy – soffffffttt!
  • Whenever they’re together, its play, play, play, fight, play, play, play…
  • Sleep really well together, and are good at tiring each other out