Meet our new family member!


This is LeeLoo and she is almost 11 weeks old. This photo is the first thing we saw of her from the B.R.E.W. rescue site. This is the face that first snagged my heart. The feistiness, the “come and get me” look, the out and out cuteness that is her. Her profile read: “MeeMee (a.k.a. LeeLoo) is an 8 week old female pup that is on her way to full recovery from lack of proper care. She is a real spitfire, loves to play with anything that will joust with her. She has loads of personality and will keep you engaged all all times. She is quiet in her crate but is still too young to expect her to keep it clean all day.

Her foster mom and I have had quite a lively round of emails about the little miss and her suitability. Long story short, Tim and I went to meet her yesterday, and that was it. She’s going to be spayed this week and micro-chipped. We should have her by next weekend.


After meeting her and deciding she was the first of two beagle pups we wanted, we headed north to go furniture shopping, which also turned out successfully, but that’s another story for 43rd Street. However, the long drive up there gave us quite a bit of time to come up with a name for her. Tim and I both love the movie The Fifth Element and our new pup seemed to have a similar temperment as the movie’s heroine, LeeLoo. So, it was decided that would be her name. If we end up with another pup and its a boy, we’re considering naming him for Bruce Willis’ character, Korben, or Diva Plava la Guna if its a girl.

Here is Leeloo’s first night with us

Stay tuned movie (and beagle) lovers for more in on going saga of LeeLoo. Besides, gotta run and start LeeLoo proofing the house!

Leeloo in profile at 5.5 months, September 21, 2008