Abby with a side of cranberry

Last night I started my holiday (Thanksgiving) cooking. Going to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and making my specialities which are sweet potato casserole, (no marshmallows allowed!) cranberry/apple relish, and that old dinner standby– salad.

After having made vat after vat of cranberry relish, I really don’t want to see anymore exploding cranberries for a while. I have several lovely blisters on my right wrist to show for my battle with the berries. Glad that’s over with for now…until Christmas.

This afternoon it will be time to play w/ the sweet potatoes. After slicing them to manageable and boilable size (I got the monster sized ones this year) they have to boil for 45 minutes. I’m amazed each year as I see just how dense those suckers really are. No wonder they need to boil that long.

Meanwhile, during the boiling phase, I’ll multi-task and take on an unplanned but necessary activity: give Abby a bath to remove the remnants of splattered cranberry relish from her neck. She took her “honorary” title of sous chef to heart, I guess. Perhaps I should wait until after the sweet potato casserole has been put into the baking dishes, as it has been an Abby tradition to lick the mixing bowl…

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!