Does this look like the face of a killer?

Lexi Bobbles

Lexi Bobbles - the face of a killer?

I certainly didn’t think it was, but Tim sent me the following text message this morning:

“Lexi had quite an adventure this morning. She caught and killed a squirrel!”

So now my baby is a squirrel killer! I worry that she’s had a taste of squirrel and will try for another. In the aftermath, once the corpse was removed, Tim tells me she was still keyed up and seemed to be looking for more action.

There are neighborhood cats that have taken down birds and squirrels, I’ve watched them do it, and I hate to admit, but afterwards I looked at them with less than kindly eyes. I never and I truly do mean never, thought I would be in the position of being the ‘mom’ of a small animal killer. Anyone have any experience with this? Should I worry about her urge to kill other small creatures becoming more than a ‘Lets see if I can ever actually do this…’ to ‘Lets do it AGAIN!’?