alarming behavior

Few things in life bother Abby so much that her normally ebullient wagging tail is lowered, much less tucked tightly underneath her. This morning we discovered something that can take the “wag out of her tail.”

Each morning Abby gets a walk, and it is her “time” to take care of personal business. Normally, we will start the walk behind our building, go along near the condos and out to the main drag for a 2-mile loop. This morning started no differently, but Abby’s nose got wind of something, and so we went a little further into the condos than we normally would. This detour took us past a parked SUV. I didn’t think much of it, but as we passed by it on the way back, some how we triggered the SUV’s motion sensor and it’s alarm system went off – very loudly and repeatedly. So unexpected was this (and AT an ungodly 6 AM ) – we reacted accordingly– Abby managed a leap of about 3 feet in the air and her tail promptly went from full mast straight up, to cowering underneath her belly, and looking nervously around. Me, I dutifully performed the “glued to the spot for a second startled look thingy” and then moved on.

So as we walked, poor Abby, her little tail remained docked tightly beneath her tummy. No amount of coaxing, petting and reassuring on my part gave her the desire to raise her tail to its upright and locked “happy” position until we got to our front door again. I know it’s not really all that funny, but it was funny to see this little dog walking with her tail tucked under her for an entire 2 – mile walk. Its an image that is burned into my mind, and I’m still snickering over it.

Ah, the abuse she has to put up with from me!