The dog remains the same

In a world where change happens at the speed of light, and people reel from what has been coined “Future Shock,” there is that strange peace of mind that comes from knowing that one of your life companions will always do what is expected of them, or at least, what is in their nature to do.


For example: Abby has always been a garbage picker – she started her life of crime at the tender age of 4 months by knocking over her first trash can. She was no mere thrill seeker, there was a purpose to her crimes – the search for extra food. Soon, it did not matter how tightly the lid was attached, or how sturdy the plastic, she became the master trash can lid cracker. I can image the glorious bounty of old food, and wrappers that she felt just awaited her within those trash cans in my kitchen. In my various attempts to foil her I have installed doors where there weren’t any (and in most cases, shouldn’t need to be), placed the trash behind pantry doors, and finally employed the godsend of all kitchen appliances (for me at least)- a garbage disposal. The more food that went down the drain, the less that went in the trash, therefore, ipso facto, the less temptation of the dog to engage her trash tipping ways.

Abby’s been my faithful (if piggy) companion for 10 years, so you would think I had learned my lesson all those years ago, uh huh, sure I know how to Abby-proof a house. So it was with great surprise this morning when I was getting ready to leave for work when I spied Abby greedily tearing and licking at the paper towel and muffin wrapper that had held the crummy remains of my blueberry muffin breakfast that she oh-so-carefully and oh-so-sneakily retrieved from the trash.

As I yelled “Aaaaabbbbyyyy! Nooooooo!” she tucked her tail between her hind legs and then with the most pitiful “what did I do wrong” expression I’ve seen on her little face, she ran away from me. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. You see, she was only doing what is in her nature to do. I was the one who failed. While I may not have learned all the ways to foil her food thieving nature, it is rather comforting to know, that she remains the same dog that adopted me all those years ago.

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