Abby Gives Herself a “Brazilian”

For Christmas, Abby decided to sport a new look – a Brazilian. Women who wax will immediately know what I am talking about. We discovered this new fashion statement shortly before the holidays as Tim was playing with Abby, when she went into her submissive routine and flopped on her back… and there it was, Abby’s latest “hot spot” project – bald, bald, bald.

Dog owners know that a “hot spot” is an area on a dog’s body where (for reasons not understood by me) they feel compelled to chew their fur off down to the skin. (Some say its nerves.) For the past 6 months or so, it was a single spot on her tail. That has now seemingly grown back in and looks normal.

Her new hot spot “down there” has completely grossed Tim out. While I’m not pleased that Abby feels compelled to create hot spots, I do find her choice of location rather funny. Most people are familiar with the conversation fodder she has engendered over the years, but recently, this turn of events has been most amusing. Mark this as one more adventure in Abbyism.