Oh, to be my dog!

Let’s face it, Abby does have it pretty darn good when it comes to living the life of Riley, except for the recent under feeding incident that she won’t let me forget [it’s another story for another time] this dog has it pretty good. Let me count the ways:

  •  Her own fleece lined bed
  •  My undivided attention (no kids to compete with)
  •  Sofa and bed privileges
  •  Takes
    frequent car trips to exotic locations (well, exotic to her is anyplace that’s not home)
  •  Her own personal manicurist and hairstylist (ok, so she and I both hate this role I play, but necessary if she’s to be the well groomed dog about town…)
  •  Annual Birthday Pig Out (see Abby Turned 9)
  •  Lots of “Aunts & Uncles” to tell her how cute she is
  •  She has me and I have her

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