What a cool cake!

Today, after almost a year, we launched the OIG
web site that Lisa and I have worked on designing, developing, programming and
managing. To celebrate, we were invited by the client to join them in the official
internal office unveiling, which included lovely words and an amazing cake,
complete with the web site home page exactly reproduced on top. [See image
  We have spent most of our waking work hours on this project, and
in many cases, it has inflitrated our subconscious — sometimes it was all we
could talk about.  And now it’s done.  Lisa commented to me this morning
that for the first time in so many months, she actually has free time. 
I’m sure that won’t last for long.  More projects await.  But when
you get a chance, go check out the OIG web site.  I think you’ll be impressed
with what we did.

 Cool OIG web site cake

Lisa, Belinda and Me

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