Good-bye to a friend

A dear friend passed this morning at 1 am, he was young, by everybody’s standards
– he’d just celebrated his 5th birthday (his 35th in dog
years) on November 17th. He came into this world with a little less
than most – missing some toes on his hind paws and only one testicle, but all
in all, he was a big (130 lbs.!) sweet boy, golden haired and golden eyed, with a warm, trusting, mischievous personality that endeared people and animals alike to him. He loved to play ball and tug ‘o war with his rope toy, he loved strawberry ice cream, hot dogs and pancakes — all the things that just aren’t good for a dog. He was the apple of his “father’s” eye, and the best “little brother” a guy could have. His reluctant girlfriend will miss his attempts to make him notice her.

It was discovered very late yesterday that Buddy had cancer, and had less than a 10% chance of surviving, and so in loving kindness, he was allowed to seek his eternal sleep. So I say a sad farewell to Buddy, the yellow Lab. You will be missed.

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