Tummy Troubles

You know there’s something terribly wrong when you, who have a voracious appetite, only finish half your dinner, and then turn your nose up at breakfast. And then to placate someone who cares for you, you attempt to eat a little something only to have it double whammy you. Such is what I am going through right now; just not quite in the manner you might think. A pattern is slowly beginning to emerge. In recent years, it seems that each time I go out of town and leave Abby at a kennel, she comes home with tummy troubles, usually within 3 -7 days of coming home.

It all started last week when she refused to eat some spilled blueberries. I make mention of this, because as most know, Abby rarely refuses any sort of food. I thought it odd, but she is getting up there in age, and I wondered if she wasn’t becoming a more responsible eater, less of a glutton (ha!) Then someone suggested that it just might be sympathetic anorexia for Mary Kate (Olsen) and Abby is putting her little paw down her throat so she can keep her girlish figure. But Abby doesn’t even know Mary Kate, so that’s not it. Besides she just doesn’t give up food, eaten or already eaten just because of sympathy, for anybody.

So now, the little miss is spending the day at the very expensive Vet’s. Let’s hope its nothing more than a stomach virus or some such malady. Lets also hope the bill doesn’t top $300.

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