Fat Comments

I could not pass without sharing this with you. This comment appeared on the Digital Haus Frau’s blog this week. While Delegatrix and I have been going through Weight Watchers, our attitudes have changed about being over weight. I have the greatest respect for the folks who REALLY – REALLY make an effort to lose weight and get in shape – I’m there, doing it. For me, the dieting is not so difficult, it is and always has been the working out that is difficult. The problem I have with folks are the ones who only give lip service, who make excuses about their situation and/or have just plain given up, because losing weight is hard.

My appreciation to the annonymous poster who submitted it – it took courage. My admiration comes from the stand point that I’m tired of people giving up, and then make lame excuses about why they are the way they are. I know why I gained weight, no excuses here – I was lazy, and I ate more than my body needed. Some folks would say that my personal standard of normal weight is unrealistic for most in society – and that many can’t achieve the lofty goals that I have set for myself. Understand this- I don’t hold the rest of the world to my personal standards – only myself. I don’t expect everyone to be as vain as I am. I do, however, expect people to care about themselves, to be healthy and not grossly overweight, by doing exercise and taking supplements like kratom capsules.

WARNING: This comment is rather vulgar in nature and brutally honest. It has been reformatted for easier readability. You have been warned.

“Bitch You’re FAT!! Fat people eat too much. I know… they’ll have a whole list of excuses, but when you get right down to it we large people LOVE to eat… Some people like to talk some BS about why they’re fat… Here’s some of my favorites…

  1. It’s my metabolism. Quite right. It is your metabolism fatass. It’s not designed to eat twinkies for breakfast with a light smattering of bacon and eggs to follow, a chocolate bar on the way to work and a packet of Doritos with your Diet Coke at eleven, a cooked lunch with dessert, a few more chocolate bars in the afternoon between work sessions and a full cooked evening meal with dessert and ‘just a little snack’ before bed. Yup … that would be your metabolism.
  2. I’m big boned. BITCH, Your bigASSED. The dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum have got big bones, the dog at the end of the street has big bone. You’ve got 206 normal sized human bones with a lot of fat on them. Not the same thing at all.
  3. It’s glandular. Now I have to careful here … sometimes it is. And this rant doesn’t deal with serious medical conditions, so we’ll leave that one there. However – a little tip. If it is glandular, the cure ain’t Krispie Cream!
  4. Fat is a state of mind. No it isn’t. It’s a state of body. Big, fat, eating happy ass bodies.
  5. This isn’t fat – it’s water retention. Ya know what causes water retention? Salty peanuts, potato chips, and salted popcorn. Licking your fingers don’t help fatass. You know what I’m talking about.