Super Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Tree

Key Lime Tree

I grew up in Florida where key lime pie was as ubiquitous as alligators, palm trees and sunshine.

Any restaurant, worth their salt, had a ‘house made’ key lime pie as standard dessert.

It was not uncommon for folks to have multiple citrus trees in their yards to supply the cooking and baking needs of their family.

Can you imagine having your own stash of oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and limes?

Backyard with three citrus trees

Backyard with three citrus trees

The only trick was waiting for the crop to fruit. [continue reading…]

Summer Play Clothes

Yeah, I’m an adult, (sometimes) but I do still get excited by summer play clothes like cashmere capes and accesories like modern watches.

Here’s an outfit for casual evenings out and about, running errands and life in general summer attire, I found this outfit in

This is not over the top fashion, just comfortable, and attractive clothing that wears and wears and wears. If you want the best of top fashion look in The Fifth Collection.
All by JCrew and JCrew Factory.

30% off all sale items, with an EXTRA 50% off all final sale items – use SHOPNOW code

My summer play clothes from JCrew and JCrew Factkry

My summer play clothes from JCrew and JCrew Factkry


I also purchased the Reid Cropped Jean in Chalk, its fit is similar to the Matchstick jean. JCrew changed their denim mill, so the fit is not too tight, with a good deal of stretch, not skimpy in the back side, doesn’t wrinkle and holds it shape all day long.

Simple clothes for a simpler time of year.

In other words — Should I cut my hair?

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook

Hair is a powerful thing.

Pretty hair can make a plain woman not plain.

Take a pretty woman, and give her pretty hair and it can make her look WOW…

Conversely, not pretty hair can can make a pretty woman look not so hot.

Remember what Julia Roberts looked like playing Tinkerbell in Hook with that dreadful pixie cut?
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No Soliciting Around Here

No soliciting sign - A polite way to say go away

A polite way to say “GO AWAY”, but is it effective?

A few weeks ago, a scary thing happened.

It was 10pm and Tim was working late.

A man approached my front door, knocked, and ask if I had ordered takeout, while holding up a crumpled bag for me to see, from TACO BELL.

The last time I checked, Taco Bell doesn’t deliver.
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What Weighs 17 Pounds…

and Will Give Your Mailman a Herniated Disk?

This was waiting for me when I arrived home today…

Title Page for the baby that RH birthed

Born: June 2014, Weight at birth: 17 pounds 0 ounces

When I read about it last week on Erin Gate’s blog, Elements of Style, I thought this was a ‘to the trade’ only sort of thing….

However, a mere mortal like me, just about broke my mailman’s back with this special delivery.

2014 Restoration Hardware Product Line

The whole shebang – 2014 Restoration Hardware Product Line

I kinda have mixed feeling about this thing

On one hand

(the logical and politically correct hand)

says why can’t you post this online and leave it at that?

Save some trees and protect our mailman’s back…

And they have the nerve to say they’re being ecologically responsible by shipping it this way…

The reasonable and earth conscious hand wants you to know:
To opt out of receiving this sort of tom foolery again…
call Restoration Hardware at 1-800- 762-1005 with your address and cancel your “subscription”

On the other hand (the kid in the proverbial candy store type hand) went YIPPEE!

Restoration Hardware 2014 Product Lines -I'm loving the small spaces catalog

Restoration Hardware 2014 Product Lines

lots of pretty pictures in fantasy settings …

My favorite catalog, SO FAR, is the Small Spaces.

I can’t make up my mind, which hand is correct…

What do you think?

Which hand gets it right?

Summer Grilling – Flank Steak Marinade

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak

I like to grill – A LOT.

In fact, grilling IS my favorite way to cook meat.

One of the easiest cuts of meat to grill is Flank Steak.

If marinated properly, this is an amazing, tender and affordable cut of beef that can serve crowds.

I found this recipe at All Recipes website a few years ago, and its become a family favorite.

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