Wild HoneySuckle

Since a few WP plugins really messed up my plan to share posts with you over the holiday weekend, here’s a quick update from my walk in the neighborhood with the Grrr Girls after work tonight.

This, I hope, will make up a bit for my slacker status.

What’s Blooming in My ‘Hood?

Last month it was the wild wisteria. I even found some in my own garden,  when I noticed all of them.

gorgeous wisteria


and it was as beautiful to behold as it was to smell.

This month, right on schedule, is the wild honeysuckle season

Its rather pleasant to stroll the neighborhood with the Grrrr Girls and come upon a sweet pool of honeysuckle, perfuming the humid evening…

Pretty Honeysuckle, sweet smelling

Pretty Honeysuckle, sweet smelling

growing here, there…

Honeysuckle at the Middle School

This grows everywhere, right now

hither, thither and yon…

Beware the Honeysuckle

However, be warned, the honeysuckle vine is flippin’ EVERYWHERE.

Not that I mind… too much…

Honeysuckle taking over a neighbor's fence

Honeysuckle taking over a neighbor’s fence

just as long its not converging on my fences…

or growing in my shrubs.

Because while it’s flowers have a VERY intoxicating smell,

it’s vines are also quite invasive

Wild Honeysuckle Taking a Tree Hostage

Wild Honeysuckle Taking a Tree Hostage

and can smother a perfectly nice tree or shrub.

I have a love – hate relationship with the wild honeysuckle vine.

While its in bloom, I love it for its sweet perfume,


once the flowering ends, its just an invasive nuisance vine I have to prune, pluck and pull to keep from over taking my yard.

Do you have any plants like that where you are, where you have a love – hate relationship with?

How have you dealt with them?