Our Toilet Paper Hanging Experiment

The under method of toilet paper presentation

The under method of toilet paper presentation, also known as “BACKWARDS”

This past week a friend posted on social media marketing programs Facebook that they were going renegade and hung their toilet paper BACKWARDS.

I quote:  “I just replaced my toilet paper facing the OTHER way.  Because I’m an out-of-the-box thinker. A renegade. A rebel. A maverick, even. Yeah, I’m bad ass now, with my backwards-facing toilet paper!”

I thought it was funny and even commented on her status, wondering how it affected her.  She jokingly said she thought it made her sleepless.

The over method of toilet paper presentation

The over method of toilet paper presentation

I started thinking, how might it affect me, so I conducted a little, non-scientific experiment:
How might changing the direction of the toilet paper hang affect Tim and me?

It seems we are not the only folks who are concerned with the life altering dilemma. From Wikipedia, there is this discussion about forward or backward facing TP and on Houzz, they’ve declared the Right Way.


The right way or wrong way to hang toilet paper

The right way? The wrong way? Source

The Experiment 

Beginning Sunday March 30 and ending Saturday, April 5, we would conduct an experiment where one bathroom TP was turned backwards and one bathroom was left in it normal state.  This isn’t so much about what’s culturally right or wrong, but how the change affected us, and what our preferences might be.

The controls:

  • For the upstair bathroom,  I turned the toilet paper BACKWARDS – this bathroom is used primarily in the mornings and right before bed.  And sometimes at 4am when my pre-menopausal body decides it needs to pee in the middle of my best sleep – but that’s another story for another time.
  • In the downstairs bathroom, the TP hanging remains status quo – facing the direction I have presented the TP all my adult life. This bathroom is used the rest of the time on weekdays when we are home and is the go to bathroom on weekends.  Wow, now you know when/how we use our bathrooms –  is that TMI?

 The Questions

  1. Did you notice any difference in the TP roll direction in the upstairs bathroom?
  2. What did you think or feel about the new direction?
  3. Did this change create any angst, anxiety, unexplained feelings of regret? I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety lately, I was taking some drugs for it which I found in this Nootropics Blog, although I made sure not to over do it because I had a friend who abused of some drugs and got addicted, then I found this article http://serenityplacement.com/insurance/multiplan-drug-rehab/ and I helped her overcome it.
  4. Did you like it, dislike or not give two hoots either way?
  5. How do you prefer your TP to hang?

 The Results:

  1. I noticed the difference at 4am when I fumbled to get some TP.  Tim thought I had just put the TP in backwards and changed it back.
  2. It aggravated me when I couldn’t find the end to pull on. But then again, I’m easily frustrated by stupid, inconsequential things.
  3. Yes, I disliked it – ALOT – see #2
  4. I like it how I like it, and it seems Tim does too. We are creatures of habit.
  5. We like it hanging over the top. Period.

Ultimately,  this is a personal preference, and not an earth shattering, we must all do it the same way sort of thing.  That said, which way do you prefer your toilet paper to hang?

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