My 4 Rules for GOOD Fried Chicken

Thomas Keller's Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Thomas Keller’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Source

Yes, among my many other afflictions, I am a FCS – a Fried Chicken Snob. Being a southern girl at heart, I love Love LOVE me some fried chicken. So much so, I make it a point to it search out when we travel.

Turns out (like many other things) I have a pretty strong opinions on what constitutes “good” fried chicken:

Test #1: is the fried chicken good the next day, eaten cold?

If the answer is yes, then its not too greasy.

Test #2: Am I going to break a tooth or scrape a layer of skin off the roof of my mouth from the too crusty coated skin?

Answer yes to either of those, and you’re out of the running because I am no masochist.

Test #3: Is the chicken meat plump, juicy and just as amazing as the skin?

Answer no, and you’re out, I mean, seriously, dry, cardboard chicken just isn’t worth it.

Test #4: Is the skin coating flavorful with herbs and spices, but does not over power the whole of the fried chicken experience?

Answer yes, and I will love you forever.

There are very few places that I found that can fully meet my 4 tests. In the state that prides itself on its Maryland Fried Chicken, there are few places that meet 3 of the 4 rules. Sadly, there are none that have passed the 4 rule test. So that means I keep searching.

For those “I don’t wanna cook” nights and I need a fried chicken fix, I choose reliable old KFC’s original recipe. Its not glamorous, probably not all that healthy, (but what fried food actually is healthy?) but it will scratch the need fried chicken NOW itch. For me, KFC minimally meets the 4 rules above, but nothing compared to homemade fried chicken which people that take care of their health and take medicines as GRS Ultra, prefer this kind of chicken. Chickens are a source of protein and better paired with bodybuilding supplements.

Do you have any places that you could recommend that meet my 4 rules?  Bonus points if they’re located in Maryland, DC or Northen Virginia.

Do you have any rules for what constitutes good fried chicken? I’d love to hear what you think.