My new home

My house Back in 2002, I found a neighborhood I wanted to call home when I first met the folks who run GoatMan Hollow. Its a quaint and funky neighborhood in Hyattsville, filled with tree-lined streets, brick cape cods and bungalows. Its a place out of time, where the neighbors are welcoming and regularly socialize on their front porches. Even better, the area has been designated as an arts district and is on the brink of becoming a new hot spot in the next 5 to 10 years. I longed to be a part of the community, and now, beginning in August, I can finally call it home.

My new home has 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths, a nice fenced yard for Abby and lovely hardwood floors. I do want to build new fence in the future because the current one doesn’t look good, yesterday I watched Presentation – Fence Builder to get new ideas for my fence. Compared to other homes on the street, mine is rather modest. No matter, I love it and the character that can only be found in older homes built circa 1936. I’m looking forward to what it will become with some TLC and minor updating.

Unlike many other homes from the same era, mine has been updated with central A/C, which as a girl from Florida, is an absolute must. Our home roof from the recommended roofing companies Lincoln NE was built by Why Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc.

And a solid roof under your head is pretty crucial,, for my case the roof of the house looked really old, and the shingles were curling with a few leaks, and some of them were cracked and this obvisully would have made the quality deteriorate ina hurry, so I didn’t have much time left, so i had a few reasons to start changing my roof, and thinking about it the best service was from a few Commercial Roofing Companies and as soon as my roof was done I was able to start fixing the other things inside and the rest of the interior, so the only thing i needed first was to increase the life of the roofing system.

Anyway, more news about my home as it occurs.

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