Cover Girl

Haven’t had much press lately, having kept a pretty low profile in recent years with school and work. And then, et voila somehow I land on the cover of the UMUC Fall Schedule of classes. It all started when I was talking with the director of UMUC’s cooperative education in January, attempting to get my class registration expedited, and was turned over to her. After a very wonderful conversation, she asked if I would be willing to be her “student” of the semester for either the spring 2006 newsletter or fall schedule of classes. It would mean an article written about my experiences as a current and former co-op student. Being the vain Glamoursmith that I am, I of course said yes.

Several months later I receive a questionnaire to fill out about my co-op experience, and since I also did such a bang up job in another UMUC program called Excel, it was decided to create a larger feature story about me. Cascading effect, larger article meant photo of subject was now required. In late April, early May I meet up with their photographer, we do the whole take my picture thing, and I get all worked up to graduate. Which means I forget about  the article until the emails and the phone calls, and the “Why didn’t you tell me?” started. Perhaps the most often asked question was “How did you get the cover?” Beats me, but somehow I did.

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