Who brought the do-nuts?

Okay, it’s January, and almost everyone I know is complaining about:

  • The weight they put on over the holidays
  • How they couldn’t get to the gym because of a multitudinous mountain of holiday related reasons
  • That it’s time to get back on the old healthy lifestyle bandwagon – pronto before any more damage is done, a really good method is to take beets there are a lot of benefits of beets

Here! Here! I couldn’t agree more. So, now get this… a co-worker who has already been chastised once this month for bringing in the god-forsaken nirvana known as “Dunkin’ Donuts” brought in another batch of the delicious no-no’s today. To add insult to injury, said co-worker is boycotting the gym until the New Years resolutioners have given up their last vestige of commitment to a better body. (i.e. sometime in February should do it for most)

So much for my willpower – I gave in after a mere 2 minutes of hearing that they were within sniffing distance compared to the last time they appeared on our conference table (2 weeks ago) I lasted until 3 pm… C’est le gar – I’ll get back on the treadmill later today.