Family Dip Recipe

Last weekend we visited my family in Buffalo, New York for the annual bocce and croquet tournament. About 100 or so of my nearest and dearest relatives came together to play, reminisce and eat a lot of over the top, ‘don’t even think about your diet this weekend’ food. I wish I could say I had the distinction of saying we traveled the farthest, but that goes to my cousin Mark and his family from Orange County, CA. Thank you Mark, Carrie and Michael for making the long trip, as always its special to spend time with you.

I can say say that our travel time probably took the longest than even my west coast cousins due to flight delays to Buffalo (ahem, Southwest airlines departing 3.5 hours late) and runway closures returning home (ahem, departing 6 hours late – BWI Airport). Regardless, the weekend was wonderful and I had the rare chance to spend time with my cousins, who growing up were more like brothers and sisters to me.

Amidst all the gorging, there was one notable absence, the McG Family dip. This truly is a family creation, and each of my 7 McG cousins makes this dip slightly different. No matter which of the 7 McG’s who make it, its yummy, and I was able to convince my cousin Mary to part with her version of the recipe. So here it is, I hope you enjoy!


  • 1 brick of 1/3 off Philly cream cheese – must be Philly
  • Red onion chopped very fine (put in as much as you can tolerate, Mary uses about half a small to medium onion)
  • Skim milk
  • Worcester sauce about half tsp
  • Tabasco sauce about 6 shakes
  • Garlic salt to your taste (Mary uses McCormick’s)

Preparation Directions:

  • Microwave cream cheese for 20 sec
  • Mix with milk for dip consistency
  • Add all ingredients and serve with potato chips of your choice