Our Favorite Cocktail

I’ve been a bit absent lately, due to recuperating from knee surgery and new responsibilities at work. This blog is about more than just decorating our home, its about living life. In that spirit, I share with our our favorite drink,the Dark n- Stormy. Someone recently commented that its more than our favorite, its become the house drink.  The traditional Dark n’ Stormy is the official cocktail of Bermuda, made from Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Its a blend of muddled limes, ginger beer and dark, almost molasses black rum. Sounds yummy, right? I first heard of it from my buddy Bob Morris, who was on tour promoting his book Bermuda Schwartz and his tour sponsor was none other than Gosling’s Rum. 

Dark n' Stormy CocktailLast summer while dining at Cityzen, I discovered they made a slightly different version of the classic Dark n’ Stormy. The ginger beer version will do in a pinch, but Cityzen’s version is heavenly. The difference? Cityzen makes ginger infused simple syrup and instead of the ginger beer, giving the drink a fuller, rich and spicier taste. Since February, we’ve been experimenting with making the Cityzen version. Many times we came close to perfection, but not quite there. Hoping to recreate the concoction from last summer, I wrote to the restaurant and groveled for their recipe. I don’t know if I was especially good at grovelling that day, or they’re really nice. (I’m leaning towards they’re really nice!) Turns out I need not have groveled, they were more than happy to share, as well as give me some important pointers on the making of the ginger syrup. And now their recipe is available for you to enjoy!

  • 2oz Goslings Black Seal Rum
  • 1oz Fresh Ginger Simple Syrup – (equal parts sugar, water & chopped ginger root. Bring to boil, let sit 2hrs, strain)
  • Juice of ½ a lime
  • Splash Club Soda

Fill a highball glass half full of ice.
In a second glass, squeeze juice from 1/2 – 1 whole lime (the amount of lime depends on size of lime and your taste preference) and then muddle the lime pulp into the bottom of the glass.
On top of the lime (juice and muddled pulp), add the Goslings Black Seal Rum, the ginger syrup and a splash of club soda.
Pour mixture over the ice in the first glass.