Summertime lazy

Last week Tuesday, it was officially summer, (the summer solstice) but it seems I’m already in the midst of my summer time malaise, I mean, I already got a cheap Air Conditioning (AC) for the house, you can learn more here..Nothing very dramatic or interesting going on these days, enjoying the more moderate temperatures we’re experiencing in the DC area this week (70’s and 80’s) compared to a few week’s ago when it was in the 90’s and 100’s.

I’ve been thinking maybe its time to put my winter sweaters away, and then I think maybe not, because then it will be hassle to pull them out again in about 4 months or so. I’m also finding it hard to screw up any sort of desire to do regular and necessary chores such as laundry, house work, take out the trash, making dinner.

Thank god we have a lawn service, or the exterior of the house would look as bad as the interior does since we lost our high schooler who took care of the weekly vacuuming/dusting/mopping. The dog fur dust bunnies are multiplying and growing like, well… regular bunnies on our floors, in stairwells and under any and all furniture they can find.

Basically, I’m finding it hard to want to do much of anything that I’m supposed to do, as a fully functioning adult. Do you ever feel that way? If so, what do you do to pull yourself out of this summer time funk, or hot weather malaise?

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