A Nat is a gnat is a gnat

D.C. finally got baseball back this past fall, and the region was all-agog with the news. I won’t go into the travesty, oops, I meant “deal” that Major League Baseball put over on the city. All that matters to the city boneheads, erp, I meant, leaders is “THEY HAVE BASEBALL AGAIN!
The new team is called the Washington Nationals – not a very inspired choice. This morning the local AM news and traffic station (Arbitron rated #1!) is crowing because their broadcast company has secured the rights to broadcasting the games on its sister stations. And that’s when it happened – the first utterance of the team’s nickname: “The Nats.”
Yep that’s right, the newest MLB team’s nickname is the same those almost invisible, pesky flying insects that we swat at during the summer months. Gnats – I can imagine little kids getting all confused about what their hometown team is called and thinking they’re just a bunch of no seem-ums. I can almost hear the forthcoming jeers the team will receive from other teams. Granted, the nickname is spelled differently, but who cares? A Nat is a gnat is a gnat. Didn’t anyone think about this before they named the team? Certainly, had anyone really thought about the entire deal, instead of just wanting baseball, because, well, darn it! they wanted baseball — the whole mess might have been averted.
Another case of boys will be boys.