Swamp Foetus

Fall is in the air, truly, I’ve heard the temperature in the DC metro are only expected in the 50’s on Sunday – yikes, that pretty cool. What really makes it fall for me, is the month of Halloween and the work of one very special individual. He is a fellow blogger, whose work I admire – it is gorgeously decadent and macabre. He doesn’t know I exist, and what I fan I am of his work, but I will publicly gush now.

Below is the movie he made for last year’s Halloween Haunt, called Swamp Foetus. The tale is simple, but beautifully and wordlessly told. The imagery is stark, glorious in its rot and decay, the witch is amazingly scary and sympathetic. I’m in love with the natural settings, and the crypt (of course). BE ADVISED: This movie is not for everyone, so if you’re even a little spooked about being spooked, I wouldn’t watch. Its probably PG rated, but it is so masterfully creepy, that this could give impressionable ones nightmares. That’s not a bad thing, if you like this sort of nightmare, which I do.

I present, the work of Pumpkin Rot – long may he and his minions reign!

Swamp Foetus, By Pumpkin Rot

And Mr. P.R. — thank you for the gift of your work. You and your work makes it Halloween for me.